The Fall: A Novel

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ISBN: 9780316097802 Binding: Hardcover Number of Pages: 320 Author: Mawer, Simon Publisher: Little, Brown
The Fall: A Novel
The Fall: A Novel
Rob Dewar is driving home when he hears that his childhood friend Jim Matthewson has fallen to his death in a climbing accident. Rob's decision to turn his car around and make the journey to comfort Jim's widow is the beginning of a journey into the past, back to Rob's youth-before he made the pivotal choices that now come back to haunt him. Simon Mawer skillfully unveils the delicate layers of history in the lives of a group of people connected over the years by camaraderie, love, competition, and lust. In the shadow of an old love triangle lies the story of another, and as we follow the characters from London during the Blitz to the mountain ranges of the Alps and back to present-day Wales, Mawer reveals how the agonies of the past impinge upon the present. This is an intelligent, thought-provoking love story by a brilliant, masterful novelist.
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