Soccer Skills and Drills

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ISBN: 660813008954 Binding: Paperback Number of Pages: 128 Author: Brammer, Ralph Publisher: The Lyons Press
Soccer Skills and Drills
Soccer Skills and Drills
Soccer has changed a great deal over the years. Developing stars now begin playing at age five or six, both in school and in league competition. All are eager to win titles or trophies and make their way to fame. Parents and youngsters alike are eager to explore the road to success. Junior levels of soccer are also great fun in and of themselves. Yet no matter what level of soccer you play, there is more purpose and pleasure to the game if you play well. Many players of all age groups lack fundamental skills. Errors are made in kicking or controlling the ball. Faults often occur with technique, timing, and patience. These problems may give rise to frustration that can often lead to aggression or other bad habits. How can a youngster learn to play better? To begin, look closely at his skill level, test his ability, and discover how to bring out his best. Vital soccer skills such as shooting, passing, ball control, and heading form the essential foundation for success. The purpose of SOCCER SKILLS & DRILLS is to show youngsters what they need to learn, and parents how to teach them. The book details a unique plan that uses a one-on-one formula and step-by-step guide. It is a progressive route to build up confidence and all-around skills, and there is due emphasis on speed and timing. Parents can analyze what skills a child is lacking, find the technique to address the issue, and thus remedy any shortcomings. Topics covered include: balance and striking the ball; trapping and controlling the ball with your feet; heading the ball; the side-foot pass; one-to-one play; moving and shooting; and much more.
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