Seasons of the Bighorn (Great American Rivers)

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ISBN: 9781572231245 Binding: Hardcover Number of Pages: 160 Author: Kelly, George Publisher: Willow Creek Press
Seasons of the Bighorn (Great American Rivers)
Seasons of the Bighorn (Great American Rivers)
Why is the Bighorn River in southern Montana considered among the finest trout rivers in North America? Certainly the sheer number of trout is a strong criterion. But trout fishing is not merely a numbers game, and those who know and love this river claim that the Bighorn casts a dazzling spell. The Bighorn, the first in our "Great American Rivers" series, reveals the special magic of the Bighorn through the insightful text of resident angler/writer George Kelly and the gripping action and scenic photography of Barry and Cathy Beck. Kelly's narrative takes the reader through the four seasons of the Bighorn, providing comprehensive fly fishing and hatches information for the angler. A skilled naturalist, the author also interweaves a lyrical discussion of the flora and fauna within the seasonal text.
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