Jaywalking: The Ultimate Fitness Journey

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ISBN: 9780425163108 Binding: Paperback Number of Pages: 137 Author: Ciniglio, Jay Publisher: Berkley Trade
Jaywalking: The Ultimate Fitness Journey
Jaywalking: The Ultimate Fitness Journey
Life is a journey. And fitness, well-being and happiness are destinations along the way--destinations you can walk to. Your mental, physical and spiritual journey toward optimum health begins with one step. And with Jay Ciniglio's simple, effective program you'll make strides in: * Freeing yourself from stress and depression * Improved physical fitness * Spiritual enlightenment and personal harmony * Gaining self-confidence * Upper and lower body conditioning When you JayWalk, you don't just work your body, you put your whole life into action. It's not about getting somewhere, it's about being somewhere--and it's as easy and natural as taking a walk.
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