The TV Watcher's Workout

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ISBN: 9781578260201 Binding: Paperback Number of Pages: 96 Author: Smith, Stewart Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
The TV Watcher's Workout
The TV Watcher's Workout
How can we find the time to exercise when there's Oprah, then Sally, the soaps, 90210,'s exhausting! Fret no more, couch potatoes, Stewart Smith, USN (SEAL) has developed a workout any of us can do, even while sitting in front of the TV! It's easy, fun-to-do, and takes less time than the commercials. Learn how to burn calories without giving up your free time running, biking, or going to the gym. With clear and clever photographs, Smith will show you the best ways to tone and strengthen your entire body--and you won't leave your living room! Taken and modified from the training exercises US Navy SEALs perform (don't worry!), this book will get you into shape...and you'll still know what happens to Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer!
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